Top 10 Decluttering Hacks Infographic

Decluttering Hacks Infographic to Get More Organized & Productive

The 10 Decluttering Hacks Infographic below summarizes decluttering strategies to help you get more organized and productive! It’s been proven over and over again that a clutter-free environment creates a calmer environment and that makes most people more productive.

Clutter shows up — whether you like it or not — and is usually a result of postponed decisions, ineffective systems, and for many — exhaustion! If your life feels disorganized and overwhelmed, no matter what your excuse is, it usually can be loosely translated to some variant of: “I’m doing nothing to keep it organized right now”.

But as soon as you take action, you’ll begin to notice a shift in self-perception.

So, if you’re waiting to get organized ‘someday’, wait no longer! In essence, waiting means you’re postponing taking action. Delaying the start simply punts any task down the road and into the nondescript future when you have more time or energy.

Instead, start now with these 10 decluttering hacks (simple tips) to kick start an organizing project today!

Top 10 hacks to get you started today

1. Create a punch list and keep it manageable
2. Don’t buy anything (yet). Products don’t solve your organizing problems.
3. When you decide to get organized — Deciding is your focus.
4. Use what you already have (as long as you love it).
5. Start small. Don’t bite off more than you can chew.
6. Focus on ONE habit that you can SHIFT to help you become more organized.
7. Schedule “organizing” time.
8. Create a “closet drop” and focus on what you DON’T like.
9. Find a decluttering buddy to provide motivation.
10. Celebrate your milestones!

Read the full blog post here for even more information and guidance.

10 Decluttering Hacks to help you get more organized and productive Infographic




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